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    Hello Guys,

    I would like to start my Article Writing Service here on GF.

    I have helped other clients before and here are some reviews:

    (All from: Official thread of my article writing service)
    I want to make every client satisfied because I want return clients. I want to be your trusted source for articles you need

    Rate Structure:

    $6 for 300 Word Article
    $2 Extra per 100 words.

    Rates are adjustable in discussion with the member and may sometimes be cheaper during special offer times

    About me:

    Hello, my name is Caleb. I am a Canadian born English Speaker. I speak english as my first and only language. I have experience in the Webmaster niche, and Computer Technology niche.

    What can I write?

    I prefer to write articles in the Tech Niche and Webmaster niche. Although I can write outside articles, I may have to reject some orders because I do not want to write an article about something I know nothing about. I want to make sure its something that I know about so you get the quality you deserve.

    I hope you choose ME to write your next article.


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