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Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by Tyler, May 15, 2009.

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    I know you play, don't be afraid to admit it. I started in August 2008. I was a complete noob, but since then I've progressed quite well. Some of my notable toons:

    80 Night Elf Death Night, 25 Naxx geared: Shelved for good.

    75 Night Elf Druid, made it just about when Ulduar came out - dual spec Resto/Bear: permeant main. <3

    70 Night Elf Huntard, TBC, first toon: Shelved for now.

    64 Human Mage, used RaF to level up: Shelved for now.

    And various other lowbie alts that are bound to be leveled sometime soon via RaF again.

    I just can't wait to ding 80 on my druid and get into Ulduar after pugging Naxx enough to get into a good guild again.


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    Apr 2, 2009
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    Haven't been currently playing for about the last two months. Well since right after the patch. Took a character into Ulduar once but haven't really had time to get on since then.

    My characters are:
    80 Night Elf Druid - Dual Spec (Balance/Feral) - Combination 10/25 Naxx Gear. 25-Sarth2D

    80 Dreanai Priest - Discipline Healer - Combination 10/25 Naxx Gear. 25-Sarth1D

    80 Human Deathknight - Pre-raid gear.

    63 Human Priest - Shadow but pretty much shelved.

    55 Night Elf Hunter - Shelved.

    I don't really have a Main. When I play I alternate between my 80 druid and 80 priest depending on what the raid needs. Not really a member of a large guild. Priest is in a guild with myself and my wife (she plays a rogue, mage, and paladin tank - all human). The other is just a bank guild for the Raiding Alliance that I have been involved in for over two years now.

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