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    Hello friends,

    I have launched a theme called chameleon quite a long ago that changes colors in a click.

    Now in here i present you the Next Version of this theme called : "Semblance",which means "AURA".

    The theme Features lots of CSS3 based gradients,buttons and added Jquery Panels which were precisely incorporated into mybb system.

    Here is the list of features as of now :

    1.Background Changer with 5 default backgrounds.

    2.Jquery Login panel,User Panel and Background switch.

    3.Google like fixed top menu css3 based.

    4.Css3 based : Buttons,Hover effects,Shadows.

    5.Jquery Tool-tips for all "title" attributes by default.

    6.Stylized stats.

    7.light weight design with limited image based design,which improves your forum page load.

    This is it for now and please proceed to screen-shots while i add more features.

    Here are the screenshots : updated 25/01/12

    Index Page: http://imgur.com/bi2yP.png

    Login Panel : http://imgur.com/nLfSg.png

    User Panel : http://imgur.com/gyQg1.png

    Background Changer : http://imgur.com/M7iD9

    All 5 Backgrounds : http://imgur.com/6y7k3

    Demo : Click Me

    Username : test
    password : password

    More screenshots upcoming.....

    Waiting for your valuable reviews !!!!????!!!!....:)

    Thank you,
    Dr.Envira Phani

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