Why Psychotherapy Sometimes Fails

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    Many people these days who struggle with mental health issues elect to seek help from a therapist. And lots of these individuals find talk therapy to be helpful.

    However, some people aren't helped by psychotherapy. Why?

    One reason is that therapists often tell their clients that many of their beliefs are irrational. Nobody likes to be told they're wrong. So they resist as a result.

    Another reason is that some people have a bad attitude about therapy. They don't give it a chance, even though they decided to seek therapy in the first place.

    And a third reason is that if a client is depressed because he or she has been abused their whole lives and the therapist tells them "You're a good person," the client won't believe the therapist.

    These are just some of the reasons why therapy doesn't always work. Fortunately, therapy works for lots of other people.

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