Where To Find Hot Niche Keywords

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    By Chris Angus

    If you're interested in creating "niche sites" and want to see the top ten lists and top 50 lists that describe what people are interested in on the Internet check out these helpful web tools online. It is also possible to buy lists off the Internet.

    Lycos 50 Daily Report: This site gives you the top 50 search terms as well as the top 50 sites that are being viewed for a 24 hour period This may give you some inspiration as to what types of sites and keywords might attract buyers in the future. One caveat is that the keyword or topic that is most popular today is not necessarily the most popular one for tomorrow. Using your gut instincts and marketing savvy is still necessary to determine the next big thing.

    MetaCrawler: - This site gives you the top searched sites in both a filtered (family friendly) and filtered modes. These show you what searches are happening in real time so you can pick up on hot and popular trends. Like the Lycos 50 site you need to be a good predictor of trends once you know the present trends.

    These keyword sites can help you decide what is hot, not only in terms of products but also in terms of creating an informational site. Many Internet marketers build entire sites around one popular key word. Remember that you want to use the keywords that are used the most often by web users to determine the nature of an informational product or a new site but you don’t want to necessarily use them as your keywords in your copy. The number of times a term is searched in a month is defined as keyword popularity and a word that is too popular in terms of copy is not good for business as it brings traffic but not necessarily buyers to your site.

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