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    When posting Suggestions and/or Feedback:
    Don't hesitate to speak your mind, because our purpose is to make sure your experience on AdminBB is perfect so that you enjoy and have a great time. Let us know your thoughts about what you like and don't like, and what you would like to see. That way you can really help us improve. :thumbsup:

    Don't bother posting here if your only purpose is to bash, it will be a waste of your time as your thread will be removed. We are only looking for constructive feedback.

    When asking for Support:
    When posting for help please be informative in the Thread title, and in your Post please provide full details so that we can provide you with the best support. :)

    This section is only for Admin Talk related support, if you need help with your website you are welcome to post here, and for your forum here.
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