What software do you use to keep track of the income generated from various affiliates?

Discussion in 'SEO, Traffic and Revenue' started by Glcameron, Jul 1, 2013.

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    There is an endless number of affiliates able to provide you with the advertising / monetization options for your forum.. no matter the niche. With the variable options outweighing even the thread count of even the most popular forum, how do you keep track of all the affiliates you utilize on your forum?

    Do you run different campaigns to test the results as they are directly associated with your forum or do you simply use one affiliate program only to leave the options open to change your mind at a later date?

    It's all about maximization of the resources we have available and ensuring we have the right ads in place to generate the income required to sustain the success of the forum, but how do you keep track of it? I personally have an excel sheet I created in my Google Documents, which I update with new affiliate programs each time I find one. I want to launch a network of blogs in the future with variable niches, allowing myself the opportunity to try out maybe 2 or 3 on each blog. But how do you keep track of the income and ad information with your chosen affiliate? Do you use more than one?
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    I use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It's what I've been doing for well over a decade. It's simple and it works.
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