What does community really mean to you?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Online Community' started by cpvr, Sep 8, 2012.

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    I thought this would make an interesting topic because we have so many forum owners, and upcoming forum owners here, so it would be a great discussion to have.

    So, what does community really mean to you?

    Personally, it means a gathering to me - where you can share your thoughts with others, trust some users, and having a ball. Without good substance, a community won't do too well. I feel that when you open up your community and give users the peace of mind that they're respected, they will have a blast and enjoy talking to other users.

    How about you though? What's your take on the word community, and what does it truly mean to you?:D
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    A community to me is a good-sized friendly group of people who share somewhat common interests and get together to discuss and take pleasure in those interests. For example, this site is a community of people who enjoy forums, as well as running them.

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