What are the different Great onPage Optimization strategies for any webpage

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    My website crashed a few weeks earlier and I had to redo it on top priority mode. Though the website is now ready and online, I realized that I have not done any onPage for it. My earlier version of the website was on WordPress and I had Yoast SEO installed. Also the theme allowed me to put up all the Meta Tags etc and all seemed good. But this newer version of the website is simple HTML and PHP and mostly static.

    A few of the things that I know of for the onPage -
    1. Meta Tags - keywords, description among others
    2. Page Title - this is the title of the Page that displays on the SERPs, TitleBar and also when you Bookmark the page on the browser
    3. The alt tags for the Images
    4. The title property for the H1 and other elements.

    But then, I am not an SEO expert as of today and I am quite sure my list (of 4 above) is not complete and there are other things that I am missing out. I would be glad and thankful if the community and experts around can help.
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    Everything you said is correct, but the most important one is content. You have all that in your site a bot visits and finds your content wanting, it not only leaves your site but it also punishes it by throwing it at the back of the list or even totally removing it from Google. Always make sure that you have good content that is not keyword stuffed i.e 4-5% keyword density, properly subdivided onto small readable paragraphs with sub heading and you shall be fine. :)

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