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    I am pleased to announce that we have promoted Tim B. to be our new product manager and to take care of our day-to-day operations.
    Tim joined us early this year on the support team. He has shown his dedication to the team throughout his tenure on the support team, and his eagerness to find solutions to problems of any scale. In addition he has helped with several projects internally such as re-writing our forum rules and reorganizing our forums. Coupled with his experience in business and also in software engineering, Tim will be able to lead the MyBB team as we head to our next generation product, MyBB 2.0.
    A few things you probably didn’t know about Tim: He’s an Aussie, but doesn’t ride kangaroos to work. Instead he loves riding anything with two wheels; he has a dirt bike, and many mountain bikes. He also has an obsession with his non-contact thermometer…
    He will be taking over all of my responsibilities with the management of the community and systems here at MyBB, as well as the marketing aspect of the MyBB product. He will lead the team making sure that progress is being made in the right direction as a whole.
    As for me, I will be focusing more on the software design and development of the MyBB product and as such I will be working more with Ryan Gordon and the development team.
    Once again let us extend our congratulations to Tim B. as we move forward in this new era of the MyBB team.

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