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    He's our little mascot - one unique aspect of our community. Members love him.

    So, what is Virtual pet list?
    Virtualpetlist is an online virtual pets community - which means you can talk about your favorite online pet sites(Neopets anyone?), and also, find the latest news regarding pet games - and also, we allow users to sell art in an art marketplace - which helps upcoming game owners, and current ones find new art for their upcoming pet game.

    Not, has's domain been since 2004, multiple setbacks and personal problems, VPL has endured a lot over the years, but this time around we're coming back stronger than ever.

    More information about Virtualpetlist

    We supply knowledge to our community - which means, we supply users with new ideas - and ways to advertise/make their game popular.

    Here's some user blogs that our community members have created through the vBulletin CMS that we use - we're running vBulletin 4.
    These blogs deal with the development of the pet games
    Balancing the cash shop and game currencies
    Pyropets review - this is a new game in the niche
    Monetizing your pet site

    And not to mention - we're using vBulletin CMS system for our interviews section - where we interview pet site developers, staff members, and artists of the community. We currently have a list of 12 interviews and growing.

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    So, what does everyone think about my community? I will also be keeping this thread updated as my forum progresses.
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    I'd like to see a nicer style but I understand that stuff cost money and time.
    I like the blog post, have you considered moving the site to xf?

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