Victory for Cyclists and a Message for Awareness

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    This is a very troubling case. One that I have been watching the past couple of months because it would set a large precedence regarding shared roadways of bicyclists and motor vehicles.

    In the hills of LA, a prominent Dr. is found guilty for using his vehicle to commit assault on 2 cyclists descending a road. This road is a common route for cyclists of the area and the Dr. resides on it, and thus sees them occasionally.

    However, it's been to occasional as the Dr. feels that the cyclists take over the road and do not follow the law of single file.

    With respect to this, there is the law's intent and there is the act to be safe on the roadway, regardless of vehicle.

    Here is the verdict from VeloNews and a timeline of other articles in chronology of the case.

    Granted, not all cyclists would be protected as it is dependent on the circumstances in general. This case was very clear and I'm happy to see a Guilty Verdict.

    Thanks for your awareness.

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