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    Thought you might be interested in this Guide I posted in my forum for all users to read:

    vBulletin Moderators Guide

    A Moderator is a user appointed by the Administrator who is put in charge of maintaining a forum or forums.

    Moderators Duties:

    In general, moderators maintain their assigned sections and ensure each section runs smoothly.

    The individual tasks may include:

    * Be a member for at least four (4) months in good standing on this board, this period by which he will get familiarized with the board's working culture.

    * There is no age limit except be at least 18 years of age for the Adult Section. However the adult section is not open for general members except for special privileged members.

    * Fixing errors, and common mistakes, such as spelling mistakes, coding all links.

    *Be responsible to identify posts made without searching, IE. duplicate/triplicate posts, and merge them with existing threads. As a result of which they should expect to issue warnings to members about their posting practice and direct them to study the Forum Rules and also the Search Tutorial (when completed).

    * Editing any post with your name, reason and date.

    * Removing illegal content in posts, with your reason included in the post. The definition of illegal means the matter which is not relevant to this forum.

    * Add replies of praise and thanks to exemplary posts.

    * Intercede in all conflicts on behalf of the posted board rules.

    * Be disciplined in enforcing all rules. This point is very important.

    * Never have personal disputes with other members or moderators.

    * Communicate with other moderators and Admins for advice and help.

    * Get approval from Admins for serious infractions and violations of the posted board rules before taking any serious action against a member such as banning, suspension, etc.

    *Deleting offensive or inappropriate posts.

    *Pruning old threads.

    *Banning users from particular forum(s).

    Application Guidelines You should include in your application if you desire to moderate on this board:

    * Name.
    * Age.
    * Section you wish to moderate.
    * Your Qualifications (why do you think you're good for the section).

    Moderator Controls Tutorial

    Post Options

    To edit or delete the contents of an individual post in your forum:

    * Click on the Edit button in bottom right hand corner of post


    * Make necessary changes
    * Fill in Reason for Editing field and it will appear at the bottom of the post along with your edit tag


    To delete the entire post:
    * Click on the Edit button
    * Select Delete Message
    * Fill in Reason for Deletion field
    * Click on Delete this Message
    * a ghost will remain visible only by mods of that forum and admins
    * OR, if the administrator has hard delete enabled, click Physically Remove Message


    To check the IP of a poster:
    * Click on the IP icon on the top right of the post field.
    * Check it against the Banned Users list
    * Copy and paste the IP address and host name into staff forum post or submit it to the admins for follow-up

    To edit a poll:
    * Click on Edit Poll link over the result percentages or Thread Options – Edit Poll
    * To change any of the poll options or add new ones, fill in the appropriate entries in the “Poll options” fields
    * To add more than two options, save changes and then edit again
    * To assign a deadline to the poll, enter the number of days it should remain open in the Poll Timeout field
    * To close the poll while keeping the thread open, check off “To close this poll, check this box” field at the bottom of the screen.

    Thread Options:
    When looking at a thread in your forum, at the top right hand corner of the screen you will find the Thread Tools drop-down menu. All thread information and modification options are listed here.

    To open or close a thread:
    * Click Thread Tools drop-down arrow
    * In an open thread, click on Close Thread
    * In a locked thread, click on Open Thread

    This applies the opposite of the current status as soon as it is selected and then returns you automatically to the thread.

    To move or copy a thread:
    * Click on Move/Copy Thread and click Perform Action
    * Select destination forum
    * Choose method
    * Move thread and leave redirect in previous forum (default) forwards users to the moved thread
    * Move thread to destination forum leaves no trace of its former location
    * Copy thread to destination forum makes, well, a copy
    * Click the Move/Copy thread button

    To stick/unstick a thread:
    * In a normal thread, click on Stick Thread and click Perform Action
    * In a stuck thread, click on Unstick Thread and click Perform Action

    To change the title of a thread:
    * Click on Edit Thread
    * Replace the text in the Subject field
    * Click on Save Changes

    To view the history of a thread:
    * Click on Edit Thread
    * Read Moderator Notes/Thread Summary

    To delete a thread:
    * Click on Delete Thread
    * If admins have enabled hard delete, click either the soft delete or the physically remove option
    * Fill in reason for deletion
    * Click Delete Thread

    To restore a deleted a thread:
    * Click on Manage link in the Rating section of the forum index
    * Select Undelete it (restore)
    * Click Save Changes

    To delete more than one post at a time:
    * Click on Delete Posts
    * Choose Delete Message or Physically Remove Message
    * Fill in Reason for Deletion
    * CAUTION: the default setting for all posts is delete
    * Deselect the posts you do NOT want to delete and click the Delete Posts button

    To restore a soft deleted post:
    * Click on Manage link under View Posts
    * Select Undelete it (restore)
    * Click Save Changes

    To merge two threads:
    * Open the primary thread
    * Change the title to include a reference to the merge
    * The posts from the secondary thread will be integrated into it in chronological order
    * Paste the URL from the secondary into the URL of Thread to be Merged field
    * Click on Merge threads button

    To split a thread:
    * Post a notice of split intent and lock the thread
    * Make a copy and keep it in your forum
    * Keep the copy open in a new window to cross-check that you are choosing the right posts for splitting
    * Open the original and click on Split Thread
    * Fill in New Thread Title field (if you don't have any ideas, leave it as it is and change the title after the split by clicking on Thread Tools-Edit Thread)
    * Keep in current forum to ensure it was successful and unlock before moving
    * Select the posts to be moved using the copy as a guide if necessary
    * Click on Split Thread button
    * Wait
    * Check the original and the split to be sure there are no missing posts
    * If all is well, delete the copy
    * If a post/posts are missing, split them off the copy, merge them into the appropriate thread and then delete the copy
    * Unlock the original and the split
    * Move the split to the another forum if necessary

    To add a User Note:
    * Access user profile
    * Click on User Notes link
    * Add links to any relevant staff forum threads

    Super Moderator
    A Super Moderator is essentially another moderator but with additional permissions that the administrator has assigned in the User group and Forum Permissions.

    Please Do Not edit this tutorial.

    Any suggestions and/or edits should be sent to one of the Admins for approval.
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    Thats pretty darn comprehensive. Thanks for posting.
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    nice post, thanks for sharing it with us :)
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    Thanks should be in everyone hidden Staff section :D , can you make it for vb3 aswell

    with stuff like Banning from ModCP
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    not telling anyone ;)
    that is very helpful and detailed :)
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    That's awesome zorba. You put a lot of thought & time into that. I'm using it and modifying it for vB 3.8
  8. zorba

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    Please, feel free to copy and modify to fit your forums needs. As a matter of fact, I have posted this in two other forums I am Admin and have had to modify them as needed.

    I appreciate all the thanks you all have given me.


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    Yours put's our modding for dummies to shame for sure ^ Now they have something very specific to go by.
    Thanks again
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    Thank you. I'm happy it's useful to someone. If you need more tutorials, I might be able to help.
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    Could you please mae one about Vbulletin, Global Moderators one?
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    Extremely insightful ^_^ .

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