vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.2 has been released (iOS & Android apps).

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    vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.2 is NOW AVAILABLE. The feedback thread for this release is HERE for our licensed customers.

    vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.2 contains:
    • vBulletin Mobile Publisher 1.2
    • vBulletin iOS Mobile App 1.2
    • vBulletin Android Mobile App 1.2

    vBulletin Mobile Publisher 1.2 contains fixes for 2 major issues:
    • VBMP-222 XCode 4.3 Resigning Issue - Objective Code Not Found
    • VBMP-221 Generated Screenshots need to be Retina size

    vBulletin iOS Mobile App 1.2 contains 47 bug fixes, 24 of which have a severity of Major or above, including:
    • VBI-696 Detect whether or not the forum is using paid accounts and if so, hide "Create an Account" button from login screen and "Sign Up" button from home screen
    • VBI-699 Can't post picture
    • VBI-686 Albums with more than 3 pictures only show a few pictures
    • VBI-675 Albums with 6 or more photos show duplicate thumbnails
    • VBI-674 Some strange behavior for new users who haven't completed the registration via email
    • VBI-672 Albums on page 2 link to the wrong albums
    • VBI-671 Error message when sending private message
    • VBI-668 Can't read my Visitor Messages on the phone.
    • VBI-667 vBulletin app did not show forum closed message
    • VBI-665 some of my boards not showing up on app
    • VBI-651 Edit option missing for articles
    • VBI-650 Nothing happens when attachment icon in blogs is clicked
    • VBI-648 Attachments can be added to any post
    • VBI-639 iOS app cannot post to a sub forum. You can post to a forum topic that's in the main, however if there is a sub forum linked from a main forum, you cannot post.
    • VBI-598 Broken image is displayed while creating a thread with attachment
    • VBI-582 Photos in user albums display poorly.
    • VBI-500 Moderation button not displaying on showthread screens.
    • VBI-300 Created announcement is not displayed in Mobile
    • VBI-692 Add Thai Language Translations
    • VBI-680 Can't go to sub-forums

    A full list of the bug fixes in vBulletin iOS Mobile App 1.2 can be found HERE.

    vBulletin Android Mobile App 1.2 contains 8 bug fixes. Of note are:
    • VBA-242 Pictures in the forum threads/posts in not getting displayed
    • VBA-176 Unable to add comments for articles
    • VBA-279 Quotes don't display correctly
    • VBA-266 Photo swipes are reversed

    A full list of the bug fixes in vBulletin Android Mobile App 1.2 can be found HERE.

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    since the discussion thread is likely hidden to guest.
    (Basically it occurs for, as you've stated, veeeery long posts. It's been added to the queue for 1.3.)

    this was the reply from staff..
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    I see iOS and Android, but what about BlackBerry? :mad:
    When using forums (or email), I use my blackberry since it has a keyboard which helps me type and send messages easier..

    This is why I really like TapaTalk :coffee:
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