vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.2 apps have been released for vBulletin.com

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    vBulletin iOS & Android Mobile Apps 1.2 for vBulletin.com have been released on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store (previously Android Market). Download the vBulletin Mobile app to check out the latest changes before updating your own apps (will be released shortly).

    Please Note: vBulletin Mobile Suite customers are not yet able to publish vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.2 iOS or Android mobile apps for their forums. vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.2 will be released to customers later this week or the beginning of next week.

    vBulletin iOS Mobile App 1.2 contains 46 bug fixes, 23 of which have severities of Major or above, including:

    • VBI-582 - Photos in albums display poorly
    • VBI-665 - Some boards not showing up in app
    • VBI-668 - Can't read my visitor messages on iPhone
    • VBI-651 - Edit option missing for articles
    • VBI-448 - Tags missing from blog entries
    • VBI-639 - Can't post to subforums
    • VBI-667 - App doesn't show forum closed message
    • VBI-671 - Error when sending private message

    A full list of the bug fixes in vBulletin iOS Mobile App 1.2 can be found HERE.

    vBulletin Android Mobile App 1.2 contains 9 bug fixes, including:

    • VBA-176 - Unable to add comments for articles
    • VBA-279 - Quotes don't display correctly
    • VBA-204 - Select content display filter type should only be displayed when only one content type is available

    A full list of the bug fixes in vBulletin Android Mobile App 1.2 can be found HERE.

    Click HERE if you'd like to purchase the vBulletin Mobile Suite.

    Discuss vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.2 - HERE

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    Hmm, I didn't get a notice to upgrade my app.
    Oh, I may have removed it.
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