vBulletin Manager v2.5, the new marketing forum poster..

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    VBulletin Manager v2 is finally out




    Hi all,
    we proudly would like to announce that we have finally finished developing the new version of VBulletin Manager.
    Its been 6 months since our last update for this great tool. in the past 5 months we were working very hard nights and days just to make this new release for this tool and it was worth the wait. we have added lots of new and exciting features as well as fixed lots of bugs found in the previous version. we have discontinued supporting and updating the previous version for some reasons related with the language we were using.

    the team spent lots of time and efforts just to convert the previous project files to the new language. it took us sometime but here we are. we are back again with new better version of this tool.

    If you don't know what is VBM we would like you to read the qoute below:
    VBulletin Manager v2 is "state of the art" intelligent program which is used to help anyone who wants to promote his/her business online by driving lots of legit traffic from REAL users on VBulletin boards to your website. it allows the user to fully manage all new versions of VBulletin boards (v3.6 to v4.x). Either by posting replies, creating threads, sending PMs or posting VMs with many different options and styles of posting. with the new version of this tool you can manage multiple VBulletin Boards at same time with ease. VBM v2 will make your life way easier than before for many reasons.

    To find out more please Check out the product page to see what did we add to the new VBM.

    - What are you waiting for? download the new version now

    - Would you like to see some videos. demonstrates VBM v2 in action?

    for more details and information please don't hesitate to contact our support.
    we will be glad to help and assist you with any query..

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    So it's a tool to help spam forums?

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