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    We have created a test application for you to try utilizing our iPhone application on your site.
    In this post you'll find a demo application, which is a modified version of the app available in the Apple Store. This app can be configured with the URL of your forum running vBulletin 4.1.x and the app will expire 3 days after activation.

    This is what you need:
    1. The URL of your forum, for example: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum (no backslash at the end of the string)
    2. The secret key. If you have 4.1.x, you can see the section "vBulletin API" at the bottom of adminCP. In this section you can enable the mobile API and create your own secret key
    This application is for the purpose of testing functionality of the app and compatibility with your website/s.
    Please note that this test app does not incorporate a number of the customization options we will have available in the final version (branding/styling/advertisement integration etc.), but apart from that is strongly representative of what will be our final product.
    This is what the test app looks like:
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    To install the app
    1. Download the attached zip file
    2. Follow this tutorial (Testing on a device)
    Share with us how the pink monkeys run on your site! :)
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    vB mobile will fail I think, good luck
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    this is old news...
  4. Kaiser

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    Yes I know, I had some problems with the rss for vbulletin, so I had disabled it. Its fixed now so I turned it on again.

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