vBulletin.com upgraded to 4.1.10 BETA 1

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    We're happy to announce the upgrade of the vBulletin.com forums to vB 4.1.10 Beta 1. A downloadable Beta release will be made available to our customers at the beginning of next week.

    For a complete list of what will be release in 4.1.10, please check out my announcement for the 4.1.10 Alpha releases.

    We welcome your feedback on 4.1.10 Beta 1 - HERE

    Please note the following:

    • We're still experiencing network issues at our data center. Any load or networking issues you may see on vBulletin.com are not a reflection of the 4.1.10 release.
    • vB 4.1.10 contains MAPI changes. Some instability may be noticed in the mobile apps for vBulletin.com. For example, VBIV-14029 (Missing username in private messages sent list). We are working to resolve these issues before final release.

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