vBulletin 5 unusable without javascript?

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    Forget the whole SEO thing for a minute or two, that's more a webmaster concern than a user one.

    But vBulletin 5 seems to have made an even worse error. Apparently, you can't even register with javascript deactivated. So I guess anyone with accessibility related issues is just plain screwed?

    I think this could be the worst design choice IB could ever make. I mean, apps are nice and all, but the current software design might even be illegal in much of Europe because its inaccessible to various non computer devices, and search engines probably can't even browse past page 1 of a tpic.

    Forget the URLs changing, the javascript only stuff is probably going to make it unusable for most major websites, and possibly legally unusable for most large businesses and government agencies. Hell, if Internet Brands are aiming at enterprise customers (the kinds likely to need to go by accessibility guidelines and allow use by people using old software like Internet Explorer 6), they've pretty much shot their chances to hell.
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