vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 27 has been released

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    vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 27 is NOW AVAILABLE for vBulletin 5 Connect license holders to download.

    Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at www.vbulletin.com/vb5demo/.

    The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 27 feedback thread for licensed customers is HERE. We use your feedback to improve vBulletin.

    Beta 27 addresses 131 issues. However, we recommend you not utilize vBulletin Betas for live sites.

    Note: As with all Beta releases, no phone or ticket support will be provided for Beta 27. However, customers purchasing a vBulletin 5 Connect license will receive 30 days of free ticket support--with a start date commencing upon the Gold release.

    1. VBV-6612 Topics list performance and errors
    2. VBV-6942 Upgrade: Trying to get contenttype class id from invalid contenttype %1$s (pagination)
    3. VBV-7107 "Invalid Page URL" when trying to see a forum post after upgrade (Regression)
    4. VBV-3985 Prefixes section in filter not styled correctly
    5. VBV-7160 Privacy Link always links to home
    6. VBV-7122 Changing User Picture Storage Type Error
    7. VBV-7051 Welcome Private Message is blocked by duplicate title check
    8. VBV-6862 Blog and Group owners are considered moderators
    9. VBV-4524 Remove "Time Limit on Adding a Poll to a Thread" setting
    10. VBV-4522 Remove "Number of Reputation Ratings to Display" setting
    11. VBV-7070 The message error in AdminCP > Settings is empty (no text) - (regression)
    12. VBV-2771 Default Avatar File Path incorrect when uploading avatars in admin cp
    13. VBV-4689 Add Link to the Forums for Support in AdminCP
    14. VBV-7112 Add New User in Admin CP tells you that your account has been activated when Verify Email in Registration is set in User Registration Options
    15. VBV-2637 Threads & Posts needs to be renamed Topics & Replies in Admin CP
    16. VBV-1842 Remove Social Bookmarking AdminCP options
    17. VBV-4506 Remove "Enable Spider Display" setting
    18. VBV-6323 Verify Email address in Registration: "address" should be capitalized
    19. VBV-4688 Add Link to Report Bugs into the AdminCP
    20. VBV-3026 Can Set Featured Permission is not properly labelled and appears with as blank.
    21. VBV-1934 Replacement Variable Manager is not working
    22. VBV-3998 VBV-7007Usergroup Permission "Follow Picture Moderation Rules" doesn't work
    23. VBV-4946 Box within box in album view page
    24. VBV-7118 Editing announcement module shows "Announcement Announcement Module" in the module configuration
    25. VBV-6483 Announcements with "See More" link display incorrectly
    26. VBV-7052 Filesystem Cache : purgeCache method doesnt do anything
    27. VBV-6052 Mobile App: Copying a thread results in an error
    28. VBV-7094 Mobile App: Replying to a private message doesn't populate recipient field
    29. VBV-7121 Mobile App: Attachments in full post view don't link to the correct url (iOS)
    30. VBV-6022 Mobile App: Error on viewing a post with table bb code
    31. VBV-7131 Attachment downloads don't use content type header defined in Attachment Manager
    32. VBV-7029 Non-image, inline attachments show as 'a' instead of filename
    33. VBV-7055 Quotes no longer contain link back to original post
    34. VBV-7037 Quote BB is showing random words instead of 'originally posted by'
    35. VBV-750 Quotes are difficult to read.
    36. VBV-5731 Using encoded chars on a channel name will make it impossible to administrate
    37. VBV-6932 Styling issues for navigation bar on Topics view
    38. VBV-6927 Inline moderation menu does not appear in topic view
    39. VBV-7143 Sub-Forums module has disappeared (regression)
    40. VBV-7040 Missing page title on categories and forums
    41. VBV-7026 Administrators must join a group to be able to post a topic
    42. VBV-1498 Social Group Home module not working correctly
    43. VBV-7039 Duplicate page titles when viewing a thread
    44. VBV-7038 Duplicate page title on "create new topic" page
    45. VBV-6995 Edits to Blog Latest Comments module are not saved
    46. VBV-7117 Photo Discussion will post after duplicate error based on duplicate Photo Caption in the last 5 minutes.
    47. VBV-6015 On single-post view, comments display as both a comment and a reply
    48. VBV-4032 VBV-7007Usergroup Permission "Follow Group Message Moderation Rules" doesn't work
    49. VBV-6223 VMs set to moderate don't appear as moderated
    50. VBV-1480 Soft deleting a picture visitor message on your User Profile will not work
    51. VBV-7161 There is no link to flag reports for visitor messages
    52. VBV-7054 Video links are not formatted into inline videos with the Post Link content type
    53. VBV-6830 Video link content does not display link info
    54. VBV-7047 Blogs - Blog Post - "Preview" doesn't work correctly for Links or Polls
    55. VBV-4172 Wrong error message when not allowed to vote on poll
    56. VBV-5741 No formatting buttons on editor in Text / Photo / Link / Poll tabs
    57. VBV-2743 Problem when using uploader on new post and edit post
    58. VBV-7126 No "Save Changes" button when editing a post
    59. VBV-7142 Facebook Connect JS error if not enter a Facebook Application ID
    60. VBV-6749 ReCaptcha Doesn't Work With Posts
    61. VBV-7068 Spam Management options availble to users with unrelated permission (canmoderateposts)
    62. VBV-6608 Browser width causes options on pagination/search/filter bar to overlap in responsive mode
    63. VBV-7102 Notifications will be gone after the upgrade
    64. VBV-6902 Upgrader incorrectly detecting upgrade version
    65. VBV-6903 Upgrade from 3.7.4 Crashes on 3.8.0 A2 Step 49
    66. VBV-7198 Upgrade failure Unknown column 'editlog.nodeid' in 'on clause'
    67. VBV-4720 "vBulletin Table Prefix Rename System" doesn't work
    68. VBV-7095 Unable to login to user account after upgrade.
    69. VBV-5505 Error message on the first forum visit after upgrading
    70. VBV-7034 Upgrade step needed for renamed stylevars
    71. VBV-4343 tag_x_not_be_common_words message does not properly display the common word(s)
    72. VBV-6979 Login Strikes System Doesn't Work After Upgrading From 4.2.0
    73. VBV-6985 Renaming Home tab to Forums causes new "Home" tab to be renamed to Forums....
    74. VBV-5938 Visitor Message notification doesn't contain a link to the actual message
    75. VBV-6823 Message Center - Requests - Ignoring another user's request to follow (subscribe) produces a shadow box with no information
    76. VBV-7149 Message Center - Notifications - multiple likes on the same post not displaying correctly in Message Center
    77. VBV-7066 Duplicate post checking triggered when adding multiple forums with the same name via page manager (regression)
    78. VBV-3489 Delete forum just created in page manager doesn't work
    79. VBV-1053 Page URL can have special characters
    80. VBV-7090 Turning off forum results in a page error for normal users.
    81. VBV-7103 Pending posts pagination will display "Unable to contact server. Please try again."
    82. VBV-7017 Streamline Node Permission Collection
    83. VBV-7009 Inefficiency in vB_Library_Node->canEditThreadTitle
    84. VBV-4465 routenew lookups should be using the cache and routenew needs more indices
    85. VBV-3810 VBV-3726Usergroup-based signature permissions are not respected when saving your signature
    86. VBV-3847 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Open / Close Own Threads" doesn't work
    87. VBV-3848 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Move Own Threads" doesn't work
    88. VBV-6595 VBV-7007Usergroup Permission "Can Ignore Quota" doesn't work
    89. VBV-4335 VBV-7007Usergroup permission "Can vote on Polls" doesn't work for guests
    90. VBV-7006 Users with the "Can Open / Close Own Topics" or "Can Move Own Topics" permissions see delete related option instead of the appropriate ones in the channel inline mod menu
    91. VBV-7124 Forum Photo Tab - Incorrect image is displayed from thumbnail click.
    92. VBV-7079 Advanced post replies have "Post" button instead of "Post Reply" button
    93. VBV-7078 Advanced content type has button order reversed
    94. VBV-7134 The Private Messages header is not covering the entire header
    95. VBV-7152 Update Default Configuration to use MySQLi instead of MySQL.
    96. VBV-3598 Title in advanced editor does not follow responsive
    97. VBV-4649 Searching for titles with symbols doesn't work
    98. VBV-2989 Site builder CSS loaded also when logged out in some cases (was: IE9 & Chrome/Lion not rendering Site Builder Properly)
    99. VBV-6997 After editing Latest Group Topics module, following edits use the Advanced Editor without allowing you to switch to Simple Editor
    100. VBV-5878 VBV-3175Style Generator (Color Styles tab in Site Builder) doesn't affect half the areas it should.
    101. VBV-7145 Blue side border on header (forum home page).
    102. VBV-5004 The stylevar module_content_bg doesn't exist
    103. VBV-1708 additional_module_title_text_color is unused
    104. VBV-1851 main_nav_login_error_text_color is unused
    105. VBV-1856 pagination_nextprev_divider_right_color is unused
    106. VBV-1748 display_tab_border_color and display_tab_border_color_active don't work
    107. VBV-1711 autosuggest_background is misused
    108. VBV-1900 search_result_ stylevars are unused
    109. VBV-1850 main_nav_button_border_color is unused
    110. VBV-1894 post_reply_divider_left_color and post_reply_divider_right_color are unused
    111. VBV-1716 button_secondary_flat_text_color controls unrelated areas
    112. VBV-1761 form_field_border_color is unused
    113. VBV-1895 post_user_info_color and post_username_color are unused
    114. VBV-1893 post_border_color and post_deleted_border_color are unused
    115. VBV-7077 Split the CSS rollup into multiple files for IE
    116. VBV-7158 Human Verification in Search doesn't show any style.
    117. VBV-6573 Showing 1 Subscriptions should be "Showing 1 Subscription"
    118. VBV-4584 Profile Customization is incorrectly styled according to style guide
    119. VBV-7082 Subscription - Attempting to subscribe to both a Blog and the Blog Owner's Profile will trigger duplicate_post error
    120. VBV-7151 Regression: Tag Cloud Module doesn't Display Tags.
    121. VBV-7175 500 error response in Header of Forum Pages and 500 error when select Default Channel Display Template (regression)
    122. VBV-7067 Can't save some templates with specific condition syntax
    123. VBV-6992 Grammatical errors in Admin section of Customize My Theme
    124. VBV-6785 Admin Help for Censored Words in User Profile Options has grammatical errors
    125. VBV-6982 Blogs - New Blog Entry - Allow Comments - "an" is used where "a" is grammatically correct: "...after an post has been..."
    126. VBV-1912 Saving Navbar Profile Customizations as "Site Default" will apply them to Activity Streams and Module Titles across the site.
    127. VBV-1334 Add link to profile pictures for upgraded forums
    128. VBV-7093 Small photos create black space for avatar
    129. VBV-7104 Profile navigation bar is missing southern border line
    130. VBV-7164 User Profile Field's "Set Default" options not working as expected
    131. VBV-3814 When editing your signature, your previous signature is displayed in editor as raw bbcode

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    Beta 27? I thought the next release was RC1. :confused:
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    ah, I tried to clean all these up
    apparently vb resent all the rss feeds out
    I'll close this one
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