vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 18 has been released

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    vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 18 is NOW AVAILABLE for license holders to download.

    Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at www.vbulletin.com/vb5demo/.

    The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 18 feedback thread for licensed customers is HERE. We use your feedback to improve vBulletin.

    Beta 18 addresses 154 issues. However, we recommend you not utilize vBulletin Betas for live sites.

    Note: As with all Beta releases, no phone or ticket support will be provided for Beta 18. However, customers purchasing a vBulletin 5 Connect license will receive 30 days of free ticket support--with a start date commencing upon the Gold release.

    1. VBV-5411 Email Notifications are spammed to all pre- and existing email notification enabled users.
    2. VBV-3823 vbcom upgrade to Alpha 39 database error on admincp
    3. VBV-5808 Incorrect "your password has expired" message
    4. VBV-5559 Registered users can physically delete posts
    5. VBV-5607 Unable to login using login_login
    6. VBV-3835 Admin CP erros after upgrading 4.2.1 database to 5.0.0
    7. VBV-4174 Fatal error when building stylecache in step 12 of final upgrade
    8. VBV-5807 Upgrade failure from v4.2
    9. VBV-4219 Upgraded forum missing thread titles in url
    10. VBV-5306 Album records are not properly imported while upgrading (vB 3.8.7)
    11. VBV-4081 admincp displays an error on the main page - vb.com upgraded forum
    12. VBV-4166 Port global state checks to vB5
    13. VBV-5400 Unable to rebuild threads/forums after upgrading to vB5
    14. VBV-4549 Make search engine rebuild better
    15. VBV-5283 bbcode parsing for announcement is using old stuff
    16. VBV-5021 userfields not part of $conversation in userinfo (postbit like) template
    17. VBV-5732 Combine and delay cache writes when using dBCache.
    18. VBV-5643 Remove Edit_Profile_Picture phrase and use the Edit_Avatar phrase in it's place.
    19. VBV-4386 Human Verification image is broken
    20. VBV-5366 User Settings: Display Mode doesn't work, always in Thread Mode
    21. VBV-834 Searching for a member or tag that doesn't exists returns all results
    22. VBV-5725 Error while soft deleting posts in topic page
    23. VBV-5419 User can receive reply to private message conversation when private messaging is off
    24. VBV-5610 Page Manager: Unable to see the Blogs/Groups list
    25. VBV-3236 Guest can download attachment/can view thumbnail not working
    26. VBV-5612 Mobile App: Discarding post creates posts
    27. VBV-5616 Mobile App: Discarding a thread makes a deleted thread
    28. VBV-5693 Avatar revision not being updated when user edit profile picture.
    29. VBV-5651 Non expected screen or redirection after registering a new user.
    30. VBV-5622 Registration: Able to create a new user and use their username as their password
    31. VBV-5702 Scheduled tasks not running
    32. VBV-5647 Advanced Search with date picker returns no results for tags, links, or polls,
    33. VBV-5636 Unable open admincp login form if board is off
    34. VBV-5434 Usergroups can still post attachments without permission
    35. VBV-5714 Signup PHP error: <b>Strict Standards</b>: Non-static method vB_Mail::emailFloodCheck() should not be called statically
    36. VBV-5515 After X amount of time, refreshing a topic inverts sort order
    37. VBV-5503 Registered users can see and manage their own soft-deleted posts
    38. VBV-5173 Cropping issues with avatar
    39. VBV-4484 "Receive Emails from Administrators" is missing in the user settings
    40. VBV-4326 Broken link on album pages
    41. VBV-4929 User Settings > Edit Post Signature > "no permission images" error when attempting to save signature with an image
    42. VBV-3676 (IE9 only) When editing a Signature, the bold/italic/underline function does not have an effect on text
    43. VBV-4298 Uploading profile picture prompts security restriction in IE
    44. VBV-4188 Move avatars to filesystem is broken
    45. VBV-1395 Time zone settings do not work
    46. VBV-3970 Moderator needs to join a Group to moderate threads
    47. VBV-4992 Large font overlaps when on a new line
    48. VBV-5752 Clear Cache does not clear DB cache properly
    49. VBV-5700 Wrong encoding in xml-files
    50. VBV-5268 updateLastData query takes too long
    51. VBV-5431 ckeditor transforms foreign characters with tons of HTML tags when posting which causes the server to complain "Maximum number of characters exceeded" error
    52. VBV-5442 Admincp update threads too slow
    53. VBV-4799 Social Group page loads very slowly
    54. VBV-5634 invalid_data_request: array. When trying to filter by "All Time" (After upgrading from 4.2)
    55. VBV-5418 3.8.7 > 5.0.0 Upgrade : User Profile Crashes
    56. VBV-4855 Directory - Topics all show zero
    57. VBV-4817 Forward pm button does not work
    58. VBV-3060 Multiple answer type polls do not display proper percentages
    59. VBV-5075 Having all Nodes Being counted towards the Total Number of Posts - is causing a major functionality loss in the Reputation Power system.
    60. VBV-4840 Can Create Array incorrect
    61. VBV-4993 Selection Boxes in User Settings > Accounts & Privacy have too small width property. Unable to use.
    62. VBV-2756 Upgrading vB4 to vB5: Forum Home displays a white page, and no style for admincp
    63. VBV-5723 Assert Counts incorrect
    64. VBV-5168 vB_Cache issues upgrading from earlier versions
    65. VBV-5585 FR: Attachments aren't using the correct permissions
    66. VBV-5575 Multiple calls to getParents query
    67. VBV-4798 Blog Page Very Slow
    68. VBV-692 Thread search box doesn't work
    69. VBV-5813 Regression - Can't edit custom module
    70. VBV-5234 DataManager error handler reverts to ERRTYPE_STANDARD when attempting to use ERRTYPE_ARRAY
    71. VBV-4721 Need filesystem Cache
    72. VBV-4209 DataManagers no longer consider set_existing as "set"
    73. VBV-4550 Update the cli search engine rebuild script to work with vB5
    74. VBV-4345 General inspection of query execution and duplication on vB5 pages
    75. VBV-5605 vB5 Beta 16 r2 - system cache for memcached or filesystem regular cache do not work until web server is restarted
    76. VBV-3292 Advanced Search: 'Search in My Subscriptions Only' option does not return any results
    77. VBV-5011 "Rebuild forum information" Stuck in loop
    78. VBV-5665 Sitebuilder > Edit Page: Page does not appear to save but shows as saved after a page refresh
    79. VBV-5933 Can't edit polls because the title does not appear
    80. VBV-5929 Can't edit photos
    81. VBV-4472 Guests can't see the human verification if they want to leave a comment
    82. VBV-5697 Add dev no-js-bundles functionality to ckeditor bundle
    83. VBV-5743 blogTest issues when calling getGroupInTopic (unit test)
    84. VBV-5576 "%1$s" error message when trying to create a new channel with an existing name
    85. VBV-1133 Blog Admin Menu in the Blog Summary Module does not match with the menu in the Blog Admin Module.
    86. VBV-3555 UCP: Background image field "From Hard drive" does not get filled in with image name.
    87. VBV-5315 Activity stream shows all pictures from a gallery post
    88. VBV-5613 Mobile App: User is not redirected after submitting a post (iOS)
    89. VBV-5468 Mobile App: Avatars are the same on the home page
    90. VBV-733 Users get notifications for their own actions by default.
    91. VBV-5771 Guests can create topics on a fresh installation
    92. VBV-5734 Pictures used from "Select From Photo Album" don't work
    93. VBV-5662 when canceling a quote by clicking on it again, quick reply box dissappears
    94. VBV-5668 First comment on a reply never finishes
    95. VBV-5666 When posting a link attachment, user is allowed to delete their discussion text completely
    96. VBV-5645 Invalid Logged username on warning message.
    97. VBV-5598 No warning appears when trying to upload a different file type as image.
    98. VBV-5642 COPPA Cookie Check should continue to request birth date when valid birth dates are entered, on subsequent registration attempts.
    99. VBV-5556 Saving Footer in Sitebuilder results in Sitebuilder being unclickable
    100. VBV-3478 Avatar crop feature doesn't work and results in improperly cropped avatar if original size is less than 200x200
    101. VBV-1094 "Reason" label in soft deleted posts always shows, actual reason never shows
    102. VBV-3564 UCP: Primary Text color for content is not being used
    103. VBV-3563 Content Background settings are not being used in the user's Activities Stream.
    104. VBV-5745 Hardcoded charset in login form
    105. VBV-4218 Wrong table listed in a phrase
    106. VBV-5767 Title box in blogs is editable to be empty sand saved.
    107. VBV-5695 vBulletin.conversation.replyWithQuotes is undefined - Just after creating a new post
    108. VBV-5034 User gets sent an auto message whenever they request to follow another user
    109. VBV-4423 invalid_request isn't a phrase
    110. VBV-5589 Error "n" after uploading a picture
    111. VBV-5655 Permision Groups, normal users cant see any group or post.
    112. VBV-4957 Notifications show the wrong user name
    113. VBV-4917 If someone posts multiple times in a row in a subscribed, identical notifications are sent
    114. VBV-4374 Notification count varies depending on where viewed
    115. VBV-3162 Edit username in ACP won't change in posts
    116. VBV-3533 phrase_search_results_0 is missing on search results page
    117. VBV-5303 User Settings -> Account doesn't update userinfo immdediately
    118. VBV-5527 Blog moderator request needs more details
    119. VBV-4531 JavaScript error in search -> results in no way to submit search
    120. VBV-2016 Add Announcement Module to all default Pages.
    121. VBV-5742 Login box markup should be preloaded
    122. VBV-3241 Merging 2 polls results in error
    123. VBV-4699 Wrong link in registration emails
    124. VBV-5147 Wrong user account used in Notification for "accepted follow request"
    125. VBV-3066 Clicking Login or Sign Up button from Registration page creates an error
    126. VBV-5200 Reverting list_item_bg do not revert back it colors
    127. VBV-3768 Posting a reply when thread is closed will display "invalid_request"
    128. VBV-4668 Unable to comment in blogs as admin user
    129. VBV-2757 Inbox preview show message witthout title
    130. VBV-5650 Following a user takes way too long
    131. VBV-5114 Changes through "Edit" link for custom modules do not save
    132. VBV-5728 Duplicate Query: style
    133. VBV-3496 Can send message that exceeds character limit set in AdminCP
    134. VBV-5595 BB code doesn't work after editing the signature
    135. VBV-5924 Error occurs during inline moderation authentication, blocking deletion
    136. VBV-1451 Custom profile theme, typo in default settings: goes to 6A6A6A when it should be #6A6A6A. default color doesn't get applied.
    137. VBV-1974 Deleting blog: Delete confirmation page will display "permanently_remove_blog_entries"
    138. VBV-4515 Remove "Enable Forum Leaders" setting
    139. VBV-2458 (Porting from vB4) Typo collection
    140. VBV-4624 Add New Forum should be changed to Add New Channel
    141. VBV-4548 Remove the gap between "blue line" and text box in vistor messages
    142. VBV-2074 Wrong phrase used for adding a new poll answer
    143. VBV-2036 Promotions Manager is labeled as Usergroup Manager.
    144. VBV-3438 Notification phrase when someone Likes your post
    145. VBV-4871 Remove breadcrumb from the index
    146. VBV-3675 Last post not aligned correct
    147. VBV-3785 PM UI display bug - Back button in messages doesn't display properly
    148. VBV-3325 modcp link shows as "current" which makes it white in the footer
    149. VBV-4540 Footer not styled according to Design
    150. VBV-4600 Edit Navigation/Footer not styled
    151. VBV-4578 Buttons in pm's should be adjustable
    152. VBV-3560 Styling Issue: User Profile: The subscription/subscriber number block isn't spaced properly.
    153. VBV-5587 Image references incorrect in css_responsive template
    154. VBV-2605 Chrome warns of uncachable phrases on topic creation

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