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    Anchor links are one of the most efficient ways of promoting a site, they are also overlooked by a lot of admins, mainly because they can be quite labour intensive to produce.

    Surprisingly the most efficient anchor link for getting a click is "Click here" or even the raw URL like this

    All the latest Man Utd news [url=][/url]
    All the latest Man Utd news [url=]Click here[/url]
    This type of link should form about 60% of your anchor link strategy.

    The next is phrase based, where you can if you want use a whole sentence as the link

    [url=] five minutes after kick off the whole crowd gave a round of applause in support of Rio Ferdinand, Rio lost his wife to cancer today, he wore the No5 shirt for United [/url]
    Only 10% of your links should be considered a brand match, users ignore these links more than any other

    [url=]Man Utd forum[/url]

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