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    Job Description:I need someone to search for relevant and valuable twitters to follow, and follow them, in order for me to improve my twitter networking.

    Amongst groups I'd like to follow on Twitter include:
    - Technological themed communities and websites (and editorials)
    - Gadget websites
    - Web Development Groups
    - Review Groups
    - Webmaster Resources Groups

    Payment: $1.00 (CAD) / 100 Followings
    $3.00 (CAD) / 100 Followers (If they follow you back)
    Payment through Paypal.

    Overall Bonus: $10 for extra quality in job.

    Limit: Stop at 1000 Followings

    .: Earn a Maximum of $50, just for tweeting! (Can be done in one day's work?)

    Application: To apply, simply reply to this thread answering the following questions:

    i ) What experience do you have with using Twitter?
    ii ) How would you select good twitter users to follow against bad ones?
    (what would be your filtering technique?)

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