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Discussion in 'Admin Talk Support & Feedback' started by Diesel, Apr 10, 2001.

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    I'd noticed this a while ago, but hadn't narrowed down the root of it until today.

    I generally go by the total posts count to gauge whether or not new posts have been made. If I refresh and the post count is higher, I scroll down and see where.

    However, I'll sometimes notice that the post count will jump by a significant number, but there are no new posts in any of the forums.

    Today, I figured out why this is happening, when I realized that KNS had moved a thread into Water Cooler. The problem was that the total post count increased by the size of the thread, so even though no new posts had been made, that thread was being counted twice.

    Is there any way to prevent posts in moved threads from counting towards the total post count? After all, they're not really there twice...

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    Nope, unfortunately that can't be done.

    Occasionally it will jump up if a topic is moved, and those will be removed within 2-3 days when the duplicated topics are removed by me..

    So it would tend to be a pretty inaccurate way of telling if there are new posts I'm afraid... I have also been doing some 'pruning' lately of some stuff that needed removing (few hundred old hot deals posts, various moved topics I did miss, etc). So better use another method. .

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