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    I started to pm it to Nick just for fun, then thought maybe others would enjoy it. Don't know if lorikeets are exactly what Nick's parakeet website is about, but looks like a similar exotic bird. :)

    artist-sculpted hand-painted carousel horse, using lorikeet colors
    You should be able to see the thread in my hobby forum without registering.

    This is the higher end of the model horse hobby, entirely from independent artists with no commercial manufacturers involved. The sculpture is by independent artist Sarah Rose (about 5 inches high,) cast in resin into a limited number of copies. The painting of the sculpture was done by another notable hobby artist, Melanie Miller. Although usually realistic sculpts & colors are the goal, 'decorators' like this one are also popular. Both of these artists both sculpt and paint their own and other's castings. :)

    (for more eye candy check out the "gallery" link in each of the artists' websites)
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    Looks good! : )
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    Wow All I can is that this is simply amazing. Thank you for sharing this one.

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