There's a whole season of work on the line

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    There's a whole season of work on the line
    Djokovic also is 3-0 in 2011 against Federer, who plays No. 9 Gael Monfils of France in the quarterfinals Tuesday.
    "People don't talk about Roger a lot, but he's had very easy wins against all his opponents since the beginning of this tournament," said Monfils, who finished off a 6-4, 2-6, 7-5, 1-6, 8-6 victory over No. 7 David Ferrer.
    "He's in great shape," Monfils Chanel Sunglassessaid about Federer, "and he hasn't got anything to prove to anyone."
    Nadal probably doesn't, either, but he sounds as if he's trying to prove things to himself.
    "Now he has four matches under the belt," Ljubicic said, "and ifFerrari Sunglasses he managed to win the next one, he's back in business, even confidencewise."
    Predictions are a funny thing, and getting them right from the start of the postseason is tricky enough.
    EA SPORTS has managed to do a pretty 7b2u0a decent job with its EA SPORTS NHL '11 Simulation Engine, correctly predicting all but one of the 14 postseason series so far in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
    But with the Final comes added pressure.
    EA SPORTS' reputation doesn't simply have two months LV Sunglassesof prognostications at stake when Boston and Vancouver drop the puck Wednesday night for the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.
    There's a whole season of work on the line.
    That's because EA SPORTS' simulations didn't just pick Vancouver and Boston to meet for this season's championship in April, this matchup was pegged way back in October.
    In an impressive Nostradamus act, EA SPORTS' preseason simulationOakley Sunglasses accurately tabbed Vancouver to win the Presidents' Trophy before facing off with Boston for a chance to lift the Stanley Cup.
    In those initial predictions, the Canucks pulled through and won their first-ever Stanley Cup championship in a taut seven-game Final.

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