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    What we are looking for : We are looking to hire 3 Website Team Members and 2 Global Moderators.
    Their Jobs:
    Website Team Members job is to review sites, post posting packages and keep the forum alive.
    We would like to hire Website Team Members who can at least post 2 posts per day.

    Global Moderators job is to help the Website Team Members and to keep the forum free from spammers and rule breakers.
    We would like to hire Global Moderators who can post at least 2 posts per day.

    We can pay you in the following ways:
    Your forum/website url in the sticky Staff Websites Topic
    We can post to your forum.
    We can send traffic to your website.

    As soon as we start earning from the forum you will get paid in cash but until then we can only pay you with the given options .

    Free Slots:
    Global Moderator 0/2
    Website Team Member 0/3

    Pm me or post here if you want to join our staff
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    Good luck finding staff, please choose wisely :thumbsup:

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