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    Nov 15, 2010
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    Terms and Rules:
    Welcome to Admin Talk. In order to help you have a good time here there are a few ground rules, which if broken will result in either a warning or a ban, depending on the severity. Ignorance is not an excuse with these.

    Breaking these results in either a Suspension or a Ban:
    Depending on the severity of your situation you could be warned, temporarily banned or permanently banned if you break any of these rules.

    1. No Posting unsuitable images and pornography:
    If you post anything of a pornographic nature you will be suspended or banned. This includes:
    • Posting links to porn sites or direct images
    • Private Messaging anyone with links or images
    If images aren't suitable for people in a work/school environment who would see them, then they aren't suitable to be posted. So hence I would encourage you to refrain from posting such images so that:​
    1. Our webhost doesn't cancel our hosting.
    2. People in a work or school environment don't get questioned about the images by their ICT department.
    2. No Forum bullying:
    Any evidence of bullying will result in a ban depending on the severity of the bullying.
    Insulting another forum member will result in a ban depending on the severity of the insult.
    This IS a serious issue and we WILL remove you for upsetting someone else.

    3. No Racist/Homophobic Insults:
    No racist or homophobic insults. This one is actually completely simple. Do not be racist or homophobic to anyone. Any posts of a homophobic or racist nature will be removed and you will be banned.

    4. No Abusing a Staff Member:
    The staff here give up their own time to help out with this forum. If you are abusive to a member of staff you could be warned. If you have any grievances with a Staff Member, pm a Administrator and they'll look into it.

    5. No Warez, and Other Illegal Materials:
    Linking to anything illegal will get you banned. So this includes ROMs, emulators, free music, TV downloads etc. IF you are not sure if something is illegal or not then use your head and simply do not post it. It is not worth the risk.

    6. Private Conversation Abuse:
    Please use this wisely, if you abuse our Private Conversation system your permissions will be revoked for a month, and if you continue you will be permanently banned on Admin Talk. This means no advertising, swearing, spamming, etc. All of our guidelines still apply for private conversations. If anyone in a conversation is abusing the system, please click the Report button so a staff member can take care of the matter.

    7. Advertising Information
    Shameless Advertising is strictly forbidden in your status updates and in forums except the Community Showcase section, it is a nuisance and only annoys other members as well as discouraging them from actually joining your website.

    8. No Excessive Spamming:
    Any spam 'attacks' where members deliberately ruin the forum with repeated spamming. You may get banned permanently for spamming. We take this very seriously.

    9. Posting From Multiple Accounts:
    Posting or registering multiple accounts onto our forums is not allowed. Any member doing so could end up with all their accounts banned from the site.

    10. Posting Referral Links/Affiliate Links
    At this time we do not allow referral links or affiliate links to be posted on the forums. We offer a free forum with minimum advertisement, to do this we’ve added a feature so the owner will get any referral traffic posted on the forums. We appreciate your understanding.

    Repeat Offences:
    Please stick to these rules. If you break them repeatedly you will be issued a Warning.

    1. No Posting unsuitable links:
    If you post a link to a site containing explicit or mature content (including swearing) then the link will be removed. Continue to do so and we will issue you with a Warning.

    2. No Excessive Swearing:
    Swearing is not allowed here at any degree. If you do so, depending on the severity of the matter you will punished with a warning, and if you keep continuing to do so it can be a permanent ban.

    3. No "Backseat Moderating":
    If you're not part of the Staff then please don't point out every violation of a rule. If you notice a violation, please use the report button to contact the staff. We will then take care of the issue.

    If you see something that breaks the rules:​
    1. click the report button by the offending post,​
    2. Enter the reason why it breaks the rules​
    3. A staff member will then see that it has been reported and will deal with it.​
    All without antagonizing the offending poster and annoying other members.​

    4. No Deliberately starting arguments:
    Please don't start a thread just to create an argument, if you do this, the thread will be locked by a Super Moderator. If you continue to create argumentative threads, you will be issued with a Warning.

    5. No Excessively Repeating threads:
    If you want to see if a thread exists use our search.

    6. No Excessive Double Post:
    This counts as spamming. Refrain from doing it. You can always use the edit button if you want to add to a previous post. It is is fine if it is an accidental double post, which may happen due to connection problems. Just report the double post, and staff will remove it.
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    I've removed part of this rule
    7. Advertising Information
    I can understand why someone would want to limit the mentioning of competition on their forums but I’m not in that position.

    If I had spent several thousand dollars on advertising the first year we’re up, I may want to restrict linking to competitive sites. I’m sure most of us know of a big admin site that censors competitive links, being The Admin Zone (TAZ). I’m a member on TAZ and have been for some time, it’s a great site and I’m not mad at Howard for doing this, I have an idea on the amount of capital that was internally put into that site and I would of done the same.

    Anyways… I’ve seen a few other admins mention that we at Admin Talk didn’t allow competitive discussion and now I see why. I thought I had looked over the rules closer when I purchased the site. I welcome any and all admin/webmaster forum owners. Whatever your forum is about, you’re welcome here. You can add your sig links once you’re promoted to the active usergroup, please don’t excessive spam our site and you’re stay should be pleasant.
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