Support Toolkit 1.0.4 released

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    Hi all,

    The Support Team is pleased to announce the availability of Support Toolkit "Bertie's lifeguard" 1.0.4. This fourth maintenance release introduces some small new features, but is mainly aimed at improving the stability of the Support Toolkit on various platforms supported by phpBB itself. This release also introduces full phpBB 3.0.9 support. This new release can be downloaded from the Support Toolkit page in the CDB.

    When updating from any older Support Toolkit version first delete the old stk/ directory before uploading the new version.

    Translations for this release can be downloaded here. To enable a translation, you only have to download the package and place it in the stk/language directory.

    New features

    • [Add] Add the ability to delete users to the profile list tool. (Bug #62727)
    • [Add] Support the mssqlnative DBAL. (Bug #62803, #62804)
    • [Add] Mark/Unmark all checkboxes in the restore deleted users tool. (Bug #62833)

    • [Change] Revert to use the phpBB common.php. (Bug #62658)
    • [Change] Make the ACP link "founder only". (Bug #62682, Patch by WileCoyote)
    • [Change] Various changes to the database cleaner to correctly support all the DBMS supported by phpBB.

    • [Fix] Correctly package the translation packages. (Bug #62651)
    • [Fix] Incorrect include path in the mysql_upgrader. (Bug #62653)
    • [Fix] In some cases the database cleaner is loaded twice, causing blank pages. (Bug #62660, Patch by D┬ícky)
    • [Fix] Depricated error in PHP 5.3.x. (Bug #62662)
    • [Fix] Remove unused button from the database cleaner. (Bug #62663)
    • [Fix] Resolve "500 Server errors" on IIS. (Bug #62679)
    • [Fix] Undefined index error in the resync user groups tool. (Bug #62687)
    • [Fix] BBCode reparser incorrectly handles guest posts. (Bug #62713)
    • [Fix] BBCode reparser doesn't keep "reparseall" flag. (Bug #62725)
    • [Fix] Allow multibyte characters in the SRT generator. (Bug #62744)
    • [Fix] Allow disallowed user names in the "add user" tool. (Bug #62685)
    • [Fix] Resolve SQL error when resynchronising PM report flags. (Bug #62783)
    • [Fix] Resolve an postgreSQL error in the resync. report flags tool. (Bug #62788)
    • [Fix] Unexpected return while running database cleaner. (Bug #62799)
    • [Fix] Missing semicolon potentially corrupts index in mysql upgrader [ref: PHPBB3-10192]. (Bug #62800, Patch by Noxwizard)
    • [Fix] Database cleaner doesn't continue. (Bug #62801)
    • [Fix] Stricter HTTPS check in the auto cookie tool. (Bug #62814, Patch by Noxwizard)
    • [Fix] Restore Deleted Users tool uses invalid grouping. (Bug #62818, Patch by Noxwizard)
    • [Fix] Profile List fails on MSSQL. (Bug #62819)
    • [Fix] Reparse all bbcodes fails on MSSQL Native. (Bug #62820)
    • [Fix] All tables and columns marked missing in Firebird and Oracle. (Bug #62821)
    • [Fix] Reparse All BBCodes enters infinite loop for MSSQL. (Bug #62822)
    If you are unfamiliar with the toolkit, please see the Support Toolkit page.

    As always, assistance with installation, updating, or any of the tools provided with the Toolkit is available through the support section in the CDB. Please submit any bugs/suggestions to the Support Team Tools bugtracker.

    Thank you, and enjoy.

    The phpBB Team

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