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    Normally where superm mods are concerned I pick moderators who I feel would be good at the job, How ever let's take a shot at this then.

    I'm looking for a Super Moderator or Moderator if you wanted, for a General Disussion site. Ah, your probably thinking already that you know about a trillion other sites with a general, off-topic niche. Why should I be interested or bothered with this one? Well... this forum is a place where you can come and waste your time after school, work or a long day on the beach... what ever floats your boat. The forum is small, 400 users and about 22,000 posts. When you register you will get to know people on the first day. As a small forum most users know each other.
    We offer loads of places on the forum for you to talk about pretty much what ever you want (within reason) you always get that one user... :frown:

    As a super moderator you will be required to moderate all the forums which you can see this includes helping users and making sure the moderators do there job and don't go power mad with the infraction button.

    If your still interested or decided not to read the above then please follow the instructions below :D

    Site Information:

    • <3
    • 456 Registered Members
    • 21,932 Posts
    • 250 Posts made a day (Average)
    Still interested? Great!

    Some kind of application template here...

    • Name
    • Age
    • Location
    • Timezone
    • What can you bring to the position as a moderator/super moderator?
    • Why should we be interested in you, how do you stand out?
    • What do you like about the site as a whole?
    • What do you dislike about the site as a whole?

    It would be lovely if you posted the applications here on this thread.

    Much Love,

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