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    Staysia's Spot is now hiring!
    If you've been on this website for awhile you might remember the idea of Everythingster. I had this idea but never fully executed it. I've decided to incorporate it into Staysia's Spot.

    What We're All About
    We offer services to webmasters in exchange for credits that they buy on the site. You set a price in your Service Thread and then customers come to you with what they need. You can offer as many services as you want, and it's completely free to advertise, as long as you only conduct business on our site. Plus, you get paid, guaranteed!

    How You Get Paid
    Customers buy credits and then exchange them with you through the site. The money they used to buy the credits goes into a secure PayPal account. When you'd like to cash out, you open a Support ticket and request your money. Within 24 hours, your money will be in your PayPal account.

    As soon as we have a good amount of service providers, we will start advertising to customers interested in buying your services. So get started today!

    How to Apply
    Current Openings

    Customize Your Potential
    If you have a web service you would like to offer besides just the openings we currently have, follow the directions in the How To Apply link and let us know about it! We love new ideas!

    Other Website Openings
    Because we've just started, we've also got other openings you may be interested in. Just click on the name of the position to be redirected to the corresponding board:

    Administrator - The Administrator is in charge of helping Staysia manage the forum staff member team. They assist Staysia in all administrator duties and must have experience as a community administrator on another community website.

    Global Moderator - The Global Moderator will be monitoring and moderating user-generated content to ensure that the online community is maintained as a safe and fun environment. This role coordinates with the internal Community Management team to support its mission, ensuring a safe and legal community environment, promoting excellent customer service and helping to cultivate a strong community around the brand.

    Support Moderator - The Support Moderator is in charge of helping the community members in all aspects of this website. They help people purchase services and hosting, and are trained to be knowledgeable in all guidelines and procedures of the forum in order to provide our customers with the best customer service.

    How to Apply

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