Some Essential Questions to ask before hiring a web design firm.

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    While choosing a web design firm from the numerous agencies available, there are many things you need to know about they and they need to know about you.  Here is a list of questions you need to ask a prospective web design company.
    1)  Can I see some sample works you created on similar requirements?
         Checking the firm’s portfolio very carefully is the foremost method to evaluate their design capabilities and method of working.  Also ask them to show a project work done based on similar requirements as yours and the expected budget.  Also ask for contact details of previous clients whom you can contact directly.  This way you can know the firm’s attitude towards the previous clients.
    2)  Within what time will the complete website be fully functional?
         Always specify a time limit and budget within which the company should complete your work and deliver it to you.  See if the company agrees to meet your requirements.  It is always to agree upon a fixed price, because it won’t exceed your budget expectation and will motivate the design team to complete the work faster.
    3)  How will the site be managed?  
                After creating the site, another issue which arises is the maintenance and management. which is a long-term process.  Or else, after the site is launched, you will stand there wondering how to update and modify it.  Always ask the firm about this.  Also ask designer to provide you with some kind of basic training which you may need to perform simple updating or changes when needed.
    4)   What technology is used to create the website?
           When you ask this question, always notice whether the designer talked in a simple language that you could understand?  Or did he blabber about some complex technical jargon of which you have no idea about?  This predicts a poor communication throughout the project.  Effective communication is a necessary factor to ensure a quality product that meets/exceeds your expectations.  So take care to choose a designer who explains the method of working in a simple language that you can understand.                 

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