SleekVb.Net Grand Opening - Discount Code Inside

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    A little about SleekVb

    SleekVb consist of a small team of individuals all dedicated to ensuring you find what you need, sleek, clean, templates. With high quality service, the templates are only the start of the brilliant service we have to offer here. The skins created here are with the intent of boosting your sites credibility and your members interactions. SleekVb recognizes a website skin is more than just something you apply. It becomes a part of your website and a part of your community. Members recognize you by it and we want them too. Our goal is to have you be recognized instantly as a worthy site.

    Visit us today: SleekVb.Net
    Follow us on twitter:

    Selling premium Vbulletin skins
    PSD to Script in as little as 24 hours!
    - Wordpress, PHPBB skins coming soon​

    First week only, until 10/08/2010!

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