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    This List is long and I will be editing it as I add to it.

    To learn more about hand coding (which is the best way) go to any of these web sites:

    Tutorials for html/xhtml:

    HTML Goodies - Home Page
    Writing HTML
    Lissa Explains it All
    100 Do's and Don'ts in Web Design The .NET Knowledge Base
    How to write HTML
    html tutorial - free html tutorial - html and tutorial - basic html tutorial
    HTML Guides HTML Tutorials HTML Help - Web Developers Network The IT Industry Portal
    Virtually Ignorant Web tutorials-- HTML tutorials, MouseOver tutorial
    Plug-in FAQ
    XHTML media type test - results

    Specific Tutorials:

    Frames Tutorial (this is a frames tutorial)
    Bring on the tables 456 Berea Street (tables tutorial)
    css Zen Garden The Beauty in CSS Design
    April A1 JavaScript(TM) Resources - Tools Scripts for WebMasters - Java, JavaScript, and Perl
    JavaScript Kit
    JavaScript Search
    Javascripts by Free javascripts, tutorials, examples, and resources.
    FlamingText Free online tool for generating custom webpage graphics and animations. The nets largest PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection (for almost any code)
    The PHP Resource Index

    This is a very good site for almost anything about web
    and web devlopement, including the free classes:

    XHTML 101 - Free HTML Course
    Cascading Style Sheets 101
    This one offers free online classes.

    Buttons and Fonts free original graphics, fonts, animated gifs
    Digit Mania
    Free fonts download - Acid Fonts
    Leo's Icon Archive - 10,000+ free icons

    Colors and Mixers

    Colour Selector Page
    Convert From RGB to Hex on a Windows Computer
    Decimal RGB to Hex RBG Value Conversion Utility
    Webmonkey Reference Color Codes

    Article on color choices:
    Seeing Red

    Two EXCELLENT programs to download for color are Pixie
    and colorbox:

    Pixie (one of the two I can't live without)
    Colorbox (this is the other one)

    There are many HTML editor programs out there, paid and free..some are better than others.

    One comes with every version of windows on the market. It's called Notepad. :) But that means you have to do it the HARD way, or the easy depending on your point of view. It DOES mean you do have to learn to write code and not depend on the computer to do it for you. And you CAN make mistakes. The beauty of writing your own code is that once it is up, it is YOURS, not someone elses creation.

    So here goes the list of what I know is out there so far and I know others will add to the list:

    Free editors:

    WebTide Free Text Editor
    CoffeeCup - HTML Editor
    MAX's HTML Beauty++ 2004
    Homepage of Crimson Editor
    EditPad lite
    First Page 2006

    Of those, I use Notepad, which is build into the computer, 1st Page 2000 (Hardcore version), MPSOFTWARE (PHP Designer 2005).

    I know there are others here on the forum who write their own code, what do you use?

    Paid Editors:

    Namo WebEditor6
    Microsoft FrontPage
    Dreamweaver MX 2004
    Adobe GoLive
    MPSOFTWARE - Designed for you

    I've been collecting for some time now. Liz

    There is another text editor that is, according to it's users, better than notepad.


    I just came across another one: Araneae in my wanderings around

    Nonags. I was actually looking at something to add to here in the way of a photo album. A modification if you that is free not paid. And found this: Web Album
    which may or may not work. Liz

    Original post by Liz.
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    More quotes and links:
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    Heard about a new one: NVU it's free.

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    This one has been discontinued. It has been incorporated into the PHP DESIGNER 2006 as one entire suite. Liz
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    Found another Font site today: and it's all FREE font's Liz
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    I love Alleycode for coding. You can hand code completely, but it also has little buttons to help produce tables, add tags etc. Sometimes they are handy for speed, or help me remember how a piece of code goes. :) It also add colour to the codes, which makes it easier to see the various parts.

    NVU has a handy section for tidying up messy code, but other than that I haven't been able to settle with it. I may be using it wrong, but it seemed to be making alot more code than was needed.
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    Very nice list!

    Also, anything you can do in can do in
    Visual Web Developer for free:

    This is a serious program that will build a serious site!

    Visually design your Web Applications & Databases

    * Build your first dynamic, data-driven Web site.
    * Design your databases and queries visually using a drag-and-drop data designer.
    * Use time-saving wizards to easily connect to your data.
    * Connect user interfaces to data using "drag and drop" instead of having to write code.
    * Create data-enabled applications using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.
    * Display your data with sophisticated reports with tables, charts, and graphics.
    * Provides everything you need to begin building Web applications out of the box.
    * Create great looking and easy-to-use Web applications using an intuitive, WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop user interface designer.
    * Take advantage of more than 60 new reusable controls and hundreds of reusable code snippets to reduce the time needed to create engaging, interactive Web applications.
    * Use Master Pages to manage a consistent site layout in one place.
    * Let IntelliSense give you fast access to methods and libraries for use within your applications.
    * Common Tasks and Smart Tags place commonly accessed Web building functionality one click away.

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