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Discussion in 'Community Forum Software' started by karoshio, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Hi, all

    So, I have been working on a new forum software for a couple of months now, although I did have a 5 week break in there.
    This is my very first custom PHP project..
    In the past I have never used PHP in a very extensive way besides editing what I need and small scripts, never an entire website from the groud up.

    The template is being used is around 2 years old, so the styling of it isn't as great as it could be but for the "Simple" look I think I will be keeping it for now.


    Current Features:
    -User/Profile Page
    -Ability To Edit User/Profile Information (Password, Email and set/change your website.)
    -User Rank(Currently guest, user and admin.)
    -Admin Control Panel(View Users, Ban Users, Delete Users, Upgrade User Rank.)
    -Password Recovery
    -Statistics(Seen in footer, shows how many members are online, how many guests, the users that are online and links to their User/Profile page and how many total registered members there are.)
    -Comment area with user integration(users logged in name, admin can delete commments.)

    The above features were all live around 6 weeks ago.
    Now that I have been working hard the past week I am going to be going live for testing with the following features in approximately 1 week time.
    Note: These features were not all done in a week, I had a lot done that never went live before I took a break.

    New Feautres Going Live In 1 Week:

    -Completely working forum but not finished(You can currently create threads, post replies, create forums, delete posts, edit posts, delete threads, edit threads, etc.)
    -Comment area completely integrated into everything else
    -Fixed Comment bugs
    -New profile
    -Improved statistics
    -Integrated contact form into everything else(Uses your email and username automatically if you're logged in.)
    -Added more functions to the Admin and Mod CP.
    -Custom CAPTCHA working for registration.

    That's everything I think. Most are things are just tweaks and bug fixes.
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    Good luck on your project, are you the only dev working on it ATM?
    Do you have a link to a forum post?


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