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    Our service is specially designed to work in the search engine marketing and keyword searching.

    With you can get the following information:

    * List of keywords for which the domain is in the Top 20 Google
    * List of keywords for a domain that places advertising in AdWords
    * Competitors domain in the TOP 20 and AdWords
    * Assessment of search traffic and traffic with AdWords for any domain
    * List of thematically similar words for each keyword works with the American, German, Russian and French versions of Google.

    We recently updated our databases - now it works with Spain and UK versions and we would like you to test it and leave us your feedbacks.

    ES database has 5 million keywords across more than 4,1 million domains;
    UK database has 6 million keywords across more than 6,4 million domains;



    If you are ready to be our tester of new databases - please contact us : [email protected]
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