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    I am now offering an advertising back on majority of my sites which is $30 per month.

    You will get the following in this pack.

    A text link in the sidebar on each site and every page under "Recommended Sites":

    A text link the the "Sponsor Links" box on each site, above the footer, seen on every page:

    A text link signature on the following forums: (Owned and founded by me - Active daily - 2,000+ Posts) (1700+ Posts - Active daily - Sponsor rank)

    A bonus 1 tweet per month:
    One tweet of your choice from which has approx. 70,000 followers.

    PayPal subscriptions for up to 3 months are available upon request.

    For any further questions or information please reply here or send a email too Webmaster[at]AdmnPeak[dot]Com

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