Selling advertising spots on FPS gaming forum

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    Sep 20, 2009
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    I'm now selling advertising on my PR1 Left 4 Dead gaming forum:

    Gets thousands of unique visitors monthly and lots of active users logging in and posting daily.

    I'm offering a variety of different advertising options:

    728x90 Banner on Board Index
    -Only 1 in rotation
    -Will be seen by hundreds & thousands of people
    -Price: $10 USD/Month
    -Status: Unavailable until March 28, 2009

    468x68 Banner on Footer
    -Right above the actively used chatbox
    -Will be seen by hundreds & thousands of people
    -Price: $6 USD/month
    -Status: 2 Spots Available

    Text Link on Board Index
    -Right below the 728x90 banner
    -Will allow text to be bold (if you want)
    -You can choose the text color
    -Price: $3 USD/month
    -Status: 3 Spots Available

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