[Sell] Invision Power Board with Gallery, IP Content and upgraded chat

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    Hi guys. I'm running really tight on cash and need a little revenue one way or anther so I need to let go of my IPB license. Gallery and IP. Content support has expired but keep in mind that IPB doesn't charge you to have access. You can always contact staff and ask for the last version that was available before it expired. I realize that it isn't as appealing with some expired but this package can save you quite a lot of money, renewal is very small compared to buying all of this fresh. I'm asking for a minimum of $175. That's only $25 more than just the IP. Board itself, and you get upgraded IP Chat (20 concurrent user), IP. Gallery and IP. Content! Anyone that offers me $200 or more will automatically win the bid (given they have valid payment!). The only method of payment I accept is PayPal. You must have at least 30 posts here to bid (I'm allowed to do this right?). Here is your proof that I'm serious. No refunds after the sale has been made.

    IPB license.png

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