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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by sooki, Aug 2, 2009.

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    Forum Name: Rompros

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    Description: Runes of Magic Hacks,Exploits cheats and guides.

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    Your side columns are so much shorter than your middle column; any way you could make it two columns or even them up a bit?
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    I agree your columns should all be the same width. Or it makes your site look at of place. Try widening the side columns to all be the same ok.
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    Your header logo looks pretty bad. That font is hard to read.

    I'd remove the buttons at the bottom about the code being valid. Because we'll when you click on them it gives errors :D (even if you had no errors, I'd still remove them because they are a noob thing to showcase)

    Your guest notice is messed up. It displays to me like this

    "Dear member, Our records show you haven't posted yet. Why not post in our introduction section to get access to more features?"

    I'm not a member, or logged in. So of course I haven't posted. Use the notice for "Unregistered/not logged in" usergroup rather than 0 posters. And better customize the message and include a register link.

    Your portal page has a 2 login blocks. One in the middle top and one in the navbar standard location.

    You've done good in not over loading the place with a ton of forums!
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    Hey i just had some questions about people using extra boosts in Runes of magic. Let me start out by saying if this is in any error of the forums postings then feel free to delete this. I have posted this on a few sites as im doing a tally for pysch class im doing on gaming.

    For example i did a quick search on google for runes of magic cheats and pulled up 3 sites right away like Runes of Magic Bots (this site even has a free bot for runes of magic), Runes of Magic Leveling Guides and Hacks, and Runes of Magic Cheats. So these 3 sites all do something that could be considered not allowed by the game admins. However people pay to play these games and because they have extra money but not time they cant use them to get an extra advantage? Or do you think its unfair to the people that have time to play? Well anyways share away i would like to see what people think about this. Here is an actual video of a bot running if you want to get some more insight.

    [ame=""]YouTube - MMOViper - Runes of Magic Online ( ROM ) Bot / Radar Teaser[/ame]

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