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    Revillution is an entertainment website that offers a variety of topics on our discussion boards. We cover all there is to cover from general discussion to computers & tech to gaming & movies. We have it all! Our site focuses on gaming and tech news and reviews, our forums offer a variety of different topics. There is truly something for everyone no matter what age you are. We offer features at Revillution you won't find anywhere else. Our Premium/VIP program offers paying users tons of extra features that enhances their overall experience at our site for a very low monthly or yearly fee. Our growing community is friendly and work-safe. We do have an 18+ section but it is blocked off unless you join the appropriate usergroup and even then it is very easy to hide for the workplace and other public computers. We do not support any warez or anything like that, that being said, we are very lax with rules, we expect users to follow them but you won't get banned on the spot. We are very lenient. Please come check us out and we hope you like what you see and enjoy your stay. :D

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    Forum looks good and it seems very active. Though I'd change the design a bit; the blue/black gradients aren't pleasing to the eyes. Other than that it looks great :)

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