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    Ok.. So as usual I was going to bring my new blogging product over when the price was at $27, and I wasn't going to let you know about the sick deal I offered over at Warrior Forum.

    That's because it's a Warrior Special offer, and well.. This isn't the Warrior Forum..

    But.. This forum is the BEST forum that I've been on, and actually the most accepting board of me. So I'm offering you guys to get my product for $7 like the Warriors do.. But let's get to what you get.. So maybe you'll want to see the offer.

    I'm revealing how I make $3.60 a day off one blog post.. I slipped up, I made a video, and now I have to sell it.. (Ok.. I'm hooked on selling things today!!!)

    Anyways.. I also slipped up and made a video about how I killed the Google rankings for two keywords (I can prove it to..)

    Ok before I continue.. I hate writing 2 sales copies so...

    Check out the real deal, and see what I'm talking about

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