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    Forum name: Rapture
    Forum URL: http://raptureif.net/
    Description: A general Chat board where fun and randomness rules over all. We of course thank our wonderful community for that simply because they are what makes Rapture the fun and randomness filled place that it has become! If you are interested in joining us and making it even more fun and randomness filled then that would be great. We have a section for just about anything and on top of that we also have a section for having your own personal sub forum, you can have your own personal color name and all the regulars can get their name added into the advert sig I wear here and everywhere to show off our awesome community.

    Why are you STILL reading this ad? I mean come on you got a board to join and try out so go off and do that or do you want the crazy chickens that rule the place to drag you off to Rapture kicking and screaming? I doubt it so go now before they do just that. XD

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