QuickInstall 1.1.8 Released

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    phpBB3 QuickInstall 1.1.8 Released

    The Modifications Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the "fireworks" release of
    phpBB3 QuickInstall, a tool to install a phpBB3 board with a single mouse click. It is ideal for testing MODs, both for MOD authors and other users that want to check out a MOD before installing it on a live board.

    There are tons of new stuff and bug fixes in this QI release. The major new feature is that you can save profiles, which is perfect if you regularly change between different settings in QI. Support for PostgreSQL has also been added in this version.

    The installed forums will use their own database, with a configurable "qi" prefix. phpBB QuickInstall is able to populate your test boards with almost any amount of users, categories, forums, topics and posts, if you choose to do so. You can also create one global moderator and one extra admin. You can also get AutoMOD and subsilver2 installed if you want them. You can manage the test boards in QI so they are easy to delete when you are done testing and you have direct links to them from the QI main page.

    NOTE: phpBB QuickInstall is only intended to be used for local testing and should not be installed on a public/live server.

    Getting started
    To install QI simply download the latest version and extract it to a directory accessible via a browser.
    Download the latest phpBB version and extract it into the sources directory.
    Download the latest AutoMOD and copy the contents from the root directory to sources/automod.
    Make sure boards/, cache/ and settings/ are writable by your web server.
    Point your browser to the QI directory. You will be taken to the settings page and once you have filled in the required information you are good to go.

    Just download the package and unzip it into your QI directory. Make sure the new "settings" directory is writable by PHP and point your browser to your QI directory. QI will convert your old config to a profile named "default", you can of course choose some other name for it.

    phpBB3 QuickInstall is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2 (GPL). A copy has been included in the package (license.txt).

    You can download QI from http://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/offic ... ckinstall/ some language packs can be found there too.
    You can get the latest development version and follow the development at github

    You can obtain support in the support section

    The source code is freely available under GNU GPL version 2. It can be obtained from https://github.com/phpbb/quickinstall

    If you run into any bugs, please report them to the MOD Team Tools bug tracker. You can also submit patches via github's pull request feature.

    • [Fix] Some language edits and spelling fixes.
    • [Fix] Check that the boards directory exists and is writeable.
    • [Fix] Create one user per minute and one post per second, or actually change the timestamp.
    • [Fix] Set a default value for user_sig, user_occ and user_interests to not error out there.
    • [Fix] Take cache directory from settings if possible.
    • [Fix] Use boards_dir from configuration if it is set.
    • [Fix] Added missing settings globalizations
    • [Fix] Fixes to permission granting.
    • [Fix] Made quickinstall functional on postgres.
    • [Fix] Make sure boards_url ends with a slash.
    • [Fix] Bug #62694 Clarify that it is QI that do not support PHP older than 5.2.0 and not phpBB.
    • [Fix] Bug #62700 Put the config through htmlspecialchars_decode() instead of remove request_var().
    • [Fix] Bug #62704 Mention the upload directory for AutoMOD 1.0.0.
    • [Fix] Bug #62739 Check for phpBB3/common.php instead of the phpBB3 directory.
    • [Fix] Bug #62757 Copy permissions from the default forum instead of from the default category.
    • [Fix] Bug #62765 Need to globalize table prefix.
    • [Fix] Bug #62831 Don't try to login when loading a alternative environment.
    • [Fix] Bug #63111 When setting table prefix, table data containing "phpbb_" was also changed.
    • [Fix] QI_PHPBB_VERSION and AUTOMOD_VERSION are not used so they got deleted.
    • [Fix] Use the QI_VERSION constant directly instead of copying it to the config array.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63262 SMTP port was not copied from settings to config table.
    • [Fix] Ticket #62767 QI should not crash when it can't delete a board but inform about it.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63292 Better options for Daylight saving time.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63289 Need to check $_REQUEST data and config before returning the default value.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63293 Changed forum/forums to board/boards in several places.
    • [Fix] Fixed several spelling and wording errors.
    • [Fix] Set the profile cookie when saving new profiles too.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63293 Admin, board and all test users now gets the correct timezone and DST setting.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63290 Make sure QI script path ends with one and only one slash.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63297 If a new profile name is entered; prefill the new profile name if settings validation fails.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63298 Error text was not shown when there where errors on first config save.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63303 The wrong sidebar was shown in settings when installing QI.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63301 Removed some globalizations which got some variables to be empty.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63305 $language was null when sent as default to request_var.
    • [Fix] Ticket #63306 QI needs to correctly handle an empty qi_config.cfg.
    • [Change] Added checking for functions_mods.php. It will be moved in AutoMOD in the future.
    • [Change] Include functions_admin.php for postgres' benefit.
    • [Change] Use get_cache_dir() in sqlite dbal.
    • [Change] Delay database connection until it is necessary.
    • [Change] Cleaned up the JS in the main html file.
    • [Change] Changed the changelog to have the same format as the rest of our tools have. A text file with most recent versions at top.
    • [Change] QI pages are now in $page instead of $mode, need $mode for settings and it got kind of crowded.
    • [Change] Only try to connect to DB when saving settings or creating/deleting a board.
    • [Change] Removed version check from the About page and moved the changelog stuff a bit.
    • [Change] Errors are stored as a array and imploded to a string on demand.
    • [Change] The global $qi_config array has been removed and all setting/config are now handled by $settings.
    • [Change] Deleted qi_config_sample.cfg since its not used anymore.
    • [Change] The note about not removing the copyright is removed, as it is in phpBB.
    • [Change] Removed some unused language strings.
    • [Change] Added in-page links to the about page instead of big brother.
    • [Change] Set class="radio" for all radio buttons.
    • [Change] Ticket #63299 and #63296 Leave cookie domain empty for new installs and don't require it either.
    • [Feature] Made quickinstall not require write access to qi_config.php
    • [Feature] Added UI for setting cache directory.
    • [Feature] Added a separate notion of boards url.
    • [Feature] Added ability to grant specific permissions when creating boards.
    • [Feature] Added hover-over on the manage tab.
    • [Feature] Added support for PostgreSQL
    • [Feature] Added possibility to set phpBB config fields before creating a board.
    • [Feature] Ticket #62796 Added config settings for chunk sizes when populating a board.
    • [Feature] Ticket #62774 and #62792 Added a settings directory to replace the config file.
    • [Feature] Ticket #62774 and #62792 Added profiles with config files in a directory instead of one configuration file.
    • [Feature] Added confirm to the delete button. And don't show it if there is no boards to delete.
    • [Feature] Added save/reset buttons after each section on the settings page. For convenience.
    • [Feature] Added anchors and internal links to the settings tab.
    • [Feature] Config settings for "Drop database if it exists" and "Delete files if they exist" checkboxes default state.
    • [Feature] A setting for the confirmation alert when deleting boards and profiles. To show that confirm alert or not.
    • [Feature] A setting for default "Alternate environment" now that profiles exists.
    • [Feature] Added option to not save passwords and/or admin/db-user names. They will be required when creating a board.
    • [Feature] Use JS to check that the required fields are filled.

    Happy hacking.
    The phpBB MODifications Team.

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    I've never been a fan of one button installs because too many things can go wrong and too many things need to be modified anyway, like all of your mods. Still, I'm glad to see this was released so that new forum owners can launch their own sites.
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