Purchasing a dedicated ip or your own server?

Discussion in 'Domains, Hosting and Servers' started by Realitytvaddict, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,

    As I continue developing my forum, I am thinking about which is the better option in the long run. Is it better to go with a hosting company and get a dedicated ip package or purchase and maintain your own server? These are the things I am considering:

    1. Which would be the best for performance and efficiency of your forum?
    2. Which would be the best use of your time and money?
    3. Would the freedom to customize your own server directly to your website be worth the time it takes to maintain it?

    These are just some things that I was thinking about that members on here might have some opinions about.
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    I've had my own Hybrid server[which is like a dedicated server] for the longest now. I have my own dedicated IP as well.

    If you can afford it, a VPS or dedicated server is usually the way to go. Especially if you have the funds and traffic to back such a move. I'd recommend sticking with shared hosting until your site outgrows it.

    3: I usually go with managed servers, as I don't know a whole lot about linux and/or windows servers so I usually opt for that instead of unmanaged.

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