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    I hope this is ok to post here and if not feel free to delete it. Just offering a place to promote forums and communities.

    We recently started a new forum which you are free to promote your forum or other communities.

    I am a big fan of forums and online communities so that is why I started this forum. I also wanted to help people who do not have a high success rate when starting an online community. It bothers me to see these links to sites then the site is down or no longer there. Why? They gave up. Why did they give up? Because promoting a community can be a hard task.

    That is why I started

    It is where admins hang out and talk about problems, share tips tricks on promoting and they also promote their website there.

    It is new so don't expect too much right away. I am in the process of adding many great FREE DOWNLOADS for wordpress vbulletin and other scripts that I have.

    It is nice to have access to free stuff as well. You must be a member to download so join up and wait for the downloads to start pouring in.

    Thanks for allowing me to post this here and I hope your site does very well.
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    The site isn't loading for me, are you having server issues?

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