Posts For Cash: 10 Packages: £2.00 - £35.00 (Forums)

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    Posts For Cash: Forums Only!

    I will make posts on your Forum for cash. (£)
    Any Replies i post will be on subject & relevant to the topic its posted on.
    Any Topics posted will be in the relevant/best suited forums for them.
    I will follow any Rules you have set on your forum Correctly!

    Payment Method: Paypal
    When completed, I will PM you my PayPal details for you to pay me.
    If you use a different currency other than british pounds sterling (£)..
    It will cost you the equivalent in your currency to the prices below..

    Choose Your Package..
    The following packages are based on: 1 Reply: £0.08 - 1 Topic: £0.10

    Package 1).... 25 Replies: £2.00 (Your Forum Must Have 250+ Topics)
    Package 2).... 50 Replies: £3.60 (Your Forum Must Have 500+ Topics) (30% Off) (£0.07 Each)
    Package 3).... 100 Replies: £5.20 (Your Forum Must Have 1000+ Topics) (35% Off) (£0.05 Each)
    Package 4).... 25 Topics: £2.50
    Package 5).... 50 Topics: £5.00
    Package 6).... 75 Topics: £7.50
    Package 7).... 100 Topics: £10.00
    Package 8).... 150 Topics: £12.75 (15% Off) (£0.08 Each)
    Package 9).... 250 Topics: £17.50 (30% Off) (£0.07 Each)
    Package 10).. 500 Topics: £32.50 (35% Off) (£0.06 Each)

    You can only purchase one package at a time!
    When your package has been completed, you can purchase another one!

    To Purchase any of the above Posting Packages,
    Please comment below using the following Application Template.
    Simply.. Copy, Paste, then Replace the "xxxxxxxxxx" with your answers
    You must use the Application Template. If you dont, your Application will not be accepted.

    Note: If you want the package to be completed all at once or if you want it to be spread out over x amount of days..
    Please use the field called "Package Speed" in the template below to let me know how fast you want it delivered.

    [b]Forum Name:[/b] xxxxxxxxxx
    [b]Forum Link:[/b] xxxxxxxxxx
    [b]No. Of Topics On Forum:[/b] xxxxxxxxxx
    [b]No. Of Posts On Forum:[/b] xxxxxxxxxx
    [b]No. Of Members On Forum:[/b] xxxxxxxxxx
    [b]Posting Package:[/b] xxxxxxxxxx
    [b]Package Speed:[/b] xxxxxxxxxx
    [b]Any Other Notes:[/b] xxxxxxxxxx

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