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    Posting Contest is back!

    The user that accumulates the most points during the 2 weeks will win one of the prizes of their choice. The winner will be chosen by the staff based off a points system.

    Also we have increased the amount of points new threads earn so new threads will be the key to winning.

    You must post in this thread to join the contest.

    StartDate: 01-01-2013
    EndDate: 01-15-2013


    1. You can accumulate points by the following:

    • New Threads
    • Unique Content
    • New Posts

    2. Spam or junk threads/posts will not count towards your points so make sure what you post is quality!

    1. Domain

    • The free domain is up to $12.00 cost. (You can get a .com/.net/ect... for this price)
    • The domain will be purchased for 1 year.
    • Godaddy only, we will purchase then transfer to your Godaddy account.
    2. Advertising
    • Free 30 Day Text Link in Footer Follow Link

    *Domain of your choice based on availability and price.
    *Minimum 50 posts or threads to qualify.

    Check your standings in realtime here
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    Good luck to all of those who choose to participate! I'm going to pass personally because I don't need yet another domain that I have to renew later. I can barely keep up with the ones that I have.
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