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    Hi, my name is Ontical. I started this new forum website on New Years Day, I am trying to make it a home for everyone, not just philosophy enthusiasts.

    There's a reading area, where members can read a philosophical text and discuss it, a fun Surrealist Word Game that uses spoiler code - you simply have to post a word that follows a certain pre-defined layout structure of a sentence and then see what comes out once the structure has been fulifilled!

    So far, we have generated sentences like 'Stop! Cry around the flowers provactively!' and 'Give demonstations centrifugally near the cigar! ' - it's lots of fun! There is of course a lounge area, a writing area, where you can show off poetry and even draft a novel or a play.

    There are lots of cool plugins, like @mentions, alerts, imgur drag and drop, Tapatalk functionality, a mobile version and a mutiple file uploader, video code for parsing self-hosted videos and a few other really cool functions!

    The main hope for the forum is to have stimulating discussions about philosophy, so I have been making beginners threads, as I want it to be welcoming to novices and academics.

    There are also science and technology, art and literature, economics, sociology and politics sections, as well as room for religion, spirituality and the occult.

    I am willing to create new sections if the content will roll in.

    The themes I hope are to your personal standard, most technical problems have been fixed. The sites optimal state is in full desktop mode, the mobile site and Tapatalk are only really useful for commenting. The layout is really simple, easy on the eyes.

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