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    Found this post on a social media blog and thought it had some good resources.

    One of our niche blogs is over at, a repository of insight from our team regarding reputation and brand insight articles. If you are interested in applying metrics to online reputation or how it affects your professional model, here are a few of the top articles to read according to our user stats:

    Reputation Toolbox, tools for online professionals : this is a treasure trove of resources for professionals wanting a crash course on personal branding. It includes several PDF resources that you can print and use to help define your digital footprint as a professional.

    Hotel Reputations, search brand value under attack : displays how some market industries are being devoured by predatory search engine directories that siphon off related brand traffic. The basics of this article hold true for many different industries.
    Xfinity vs Comcast, No Reputational Escape? : in February 2010, Comcast launched Xfinity as a new brand for high-definition television services. The unfortunate side effect was that the nearly launched brand was attacked by dozens of online critics including TIME magazine, the Baltimore Sun, and PC Magazine along with hundreds of Comcast consumers that were already unhappy with the service.

    Supermedia, Idearc, Verizon, GTE ? Reputations don’t fade online : in the latest brand disaster, read about how Supermedia was created to resurrect the bankrupt Idearc on January 2010 and how this transformation is digitally connected to multiple points of information that are damaging the new name.

    Search Engine Conquesting, brand and reputation : conquesting involves having ownership and control over multiple 1st page results on a Google search term for your brand. This allows you to maintain a greater level of management on important terms (your name, business name, etc) that are 100% related to your business needs.
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